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Preliminary application

Sending us a preliminary application form is the first step for enrolling your child in our kindergartens. The information you fill in the form will help us to better understand you and your child’s needs and better prepares us for the following steps of the enrollment process.

            While filling out the preliminary application form you should already have an idea of which one of our groups is the primary group you are interested in – this is especially important as each of our groups have a fixed limited capacity. Our groups differ from one another by the spoken languages within the groups, as well as for example the age bracket in Pukinmäki. You may familiarize yourself with the options on our website or by reaching out to us directly.


Sending us the preliminary application form is free and we do not charge for the application process.

Get familiar

Alongside Pukinmäki you can also now find us in Vaarala - our kindergartens differ from each other for example by their spoken languages, so get familiar with them or contact us directly!


Decide which location would better suit your needs and begin the application form with this information

Fill & Send

Fill out the application form. Remember that the form is preliminary and upon acceptance a separate day care contract will be made.


Upon filling out the application form wait for a response from us through the communication channel you prefer. If you feel the need you may also contact us yourself.

Tik Tak preliminary application form

Our groups and opening hours :

tik tak Pukinmäki:

minutki (1-3v) - 07.30 - 16.30

strelki (3-5v) - 07.30 - 17.00

Madetojankuja 2 C ja 5 G, 00720 Helsinki

tik tak Vaarala:

Lähdepuistontie 13, 01230 Vantaa

More detailed information on opening hours updated in the near future.


For inquiries on open spots in our daycares please contact us directly

+358 45 314 4128

+358 45 2692122



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