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'One Person One Language'

One person one language, or OPOL. is a method of teaching language to children through the association of one language to one adult. The idea was first introduced by Maurice Grammont, a linguist who believed children to benefit from association of language to a single person. Jules Ronjat, a French linguist and a student of Grammont, would later test this idea firsthand. Him and his wife decided they would try and teach their newborn son both languages from an early age. Jules would communicate with the boy only in his native language French, while Ilse his wife would do the same but in German. The results of this were then documented and published in a transcript in 1913. Louis, their son, had achieved fluency in both languages by the age of 4 years 10 months - Louis could speak both French and German at the level of a local who spoke only one of these languages. Since then and throughout the years OPOL has been studied and adapted countless times, both by parents and teachers alike, with a common goal of spreading multilingualism.

The positive effects of multilingualism in individuals has been studied countless times for an extensive period of time now. However, during recent years we now also know with certainty that children learn languages at a highly accelerated rate during the early years of childhood. We believe this crucial period should be taken advantage of, and we make it our mission to provide a setting in which this type of language learning can take place. Our bilingual daycare groups each consist of at least two teachers or minders at all times, whom each speak their own native language at all times. Our children learn to engage with these adults in both languages in varying situations, yet not feeling pressured or discomfort while doing so. 

"It is during the earliest years of life that the rapidly developing brain connections form a child’s foundation for successful language, thinking and social skills."

Our mission is to provide families with the highest quality day care with a focus on multilingualism and passive language learning. We focus on each and every individual child in our care, on the child’s personal growth and the various aspects and traits that our children inhibit, all the while maintaining a homelike atmosphere in which our children feel a sense of comfort. Once in our care we partner up with parents to formulate in tandem an early childhood education plan, which leans on the guidelines set by the Finnish board of young childhood education as well as our own observations based on the first few weeks spent with your child. Our partnership then continues until the end of your stay with us, as we strongly believe active communication with parents to be a necessity and a basis for strong child care.

Our groups and opening hours :

Tik Tak Pukinmäki:

Minutki (10kk-2v) - 07:30 - 16:00/17:00

Strelki (2-5v) - 07:30 - 17:00

Madetojankuja 2 C ja 5 G, 00720 Helsinki

Tik Tak Vaarala:

Lähdepuistontie 13, 01230 Vantaa

More detailed information on opening hours updated in the near future.


For inquiries on open spots in our daycares please contact us directly

+358 45 314 4128

+358 45 2692122



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