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Tik Tak AfternoonCare

Due to high demand we will be establishing our first AfternoonCare-group along with our first groups in our Vaarala kindergarten.


The objective of our AfternoonCare groups will remain the same as in our regular kindergarten groups: an environment which concentrates on the child, play, cultivation of friendships and multilingualism – the only difference being that the group will remain open until 7 in the evening. This will provide the possibility for certain parents to pick up their children past conventional working hours of daycares, thus allowing for less frigid schedule-making. Currently only our Vaarala kindergarten will facilitate AfternoonCare. 

Be advised that according to Finnish law any child may spend up to a maximum of 10 hours in daycare daily. This means that if you wish your child placed in AfternoonCare until 7pm, your day may start at 9am at the earliest (if until 6pm you may start at 8am, and so forth).

Our groups and opening hours :

tik tak Pukinmäki:

minutki (1-3v) - 07.30 - 16.30

strelki (3-5v) - 07.30 - 17.00

Madetojankuja 2 C ja 5 G, 00720 Helsinki

tik tak Vaarala:

Lähdepuistontie 13, 01230 Vantaa

More detailed information on opening hours updated in the near future.


For inquiries on open spots in our daycares please contact us directly

+358 45 314 4128

+358 45 2692122



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