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Monikielisyyden kautta onnistumiseen

Katso miten me Tik Takilla lähestymme varhaiskasvatusta. 


Tik Tak is a private multilingual kindergarten chain established in 2014. Get familiar with our approach to early child care.

Our Pukinmäki daycare has been driving multilingualism and development in children for five years. We are now happy to announce the opening of our second kindergarten in Vaarala.


We strive to deliver a high quality day care service for an affordable price. Familiarise yourself with our prices and pricing policies here.


Our contact information can be found through-out the website with buttons like the one above – use them. We are always expecting your call.

Tik Tak is a private multilingual kindergarten-chain established in 2014 in Pukinmäki, Helsinki. Our mission since then has been to deliver language-based teaching while maintaining all the primary aspects of high quality child care.

It is through language that many doors are opened in a person’s life - If language is a tool, then multilingualism is a tool box. Perhaps more important to us is the notion of language playing a significant part in an individual’s progression and personal growth through various stages of life. We agree with the studies that suggest that multilingualism affects this positively. Our society is continuously becoming ever more international, while the window of time at which a child’s exceptional ability to adopt new languages at an early age remains unchanged. We make it our mission to use this crucial period for effective passive teaching of an additional language in our daycare curricula.

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Our groups and opening hours :

tik tak Pukinmäki:

minutki (1-3v) - 07.30 - 16.30

strelki (3-5v) - 07.30 - 17.00

Madetojankuja 2 C ja 5 G, 00720 Helsinki

tik tak Vaarala:

Lähdepuistontie 13, 01230 Vantaa

More detailed information on opening hours updated in the near future.


For inquiries on open spots in our daycares please contact us directly

+358 45 314 4128

+358 45 2692122



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